Healthy relationships & young people

How do you know if your relationship is a healthy one? No matter how old you are; who you are dating, or whether you are in a long or short term relationship, some things should look the same if the relationship is a healthy and happy one.

Arguments and stresses can happen from time to time, but generally in a healthy relationship:

  • Partners should respect each other’s feelings and opinions
  • Partners should listen to each other
  • Partners should feel comfortable and safe to be themselves around each other
  • Partners should trust each other
  • Partners should accept when the other says no to things they don’t want to do (including sex)
  • Partners should never physically hurt each other
  • Partners should never emotionally hurt each other (by name calling, threatening or making each other feel bad)
  • Partners should never try to control who you see, where you go or what you wear
  • Relationships don’t have to be sexual, even if you’ve had sex before.
  • If you do choose to have sex, it should be sex that the people involved enjoy, want, and are ready for

If you feel your relationship isn’t as healthy as it could be, it might be time to think about whether it’s right for you. If someone really cares for you, they shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable, scared or controlled. If you’re worried your relationship is abusive, you can get help.

If you need more information, check out: TEENS & YOUNG PEOPLE | Act On It Now

These local agencies work with young people:

Archway provides help and support for young people aged 16 to 25; this can be with self-esteem, confidence, health issues and domestic violence and abuse in relationships. You can call them on 0113 383 3900.

The Market Placeis based in Leeds city centre and offers free and confidential advice and support for 13 to 25 year olds. They offer a chance to talk and be listened to, to be believed and trusted and support to cope with your feelings. You can call in at 8 – 18 New Market Street, Leeds LS1 1DG or call them on 0113 246 1659.

"Remember, if you’re in danger and need urgent help, call 999 immediately."

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