Here's some information about PEP (I think I've been exposed to HIV):

  • If you've had unprotected sex with someone with HIV you may need medicine to reduce your risk of becoming HIV+. This must be started within 72 hours to be effective (HIV PEP or post-exposure prophylaxis). Anal sex without a condom for men who have sex with men, having a partner from a high-risk country, or sharing drug injecting equipment would also be high-risk and may mean you need PEP within 72 hours.
  • Remember UNDETECTABLE = UNTRANSMITTABLE ie. People living with HIV with an undetectable viral load CANNOT pass on HIV via sex.
  • For more information on PEP, click here.... (PEP page)

Where can I access PEP in Leeds?

You can call us at Leeds Sexual Health on 0113 843 4495. Please say to our Care Navigator that you think you need PEP. They will ensure you get a call/appointment as soon as possible.

If it is the evening or weekend or you can’t go to your nearest Sexual Health Clinic, please go to your nearest Accident & Emergency Department, but be aware that not all of these departments are aware of PEP. PEP is not available from your GP or at any pharmacies.

The nearest Accident and Emergency Departments in Leeds are:

St James' Hospital, Beckett Street, Harehills, Leeds LS9 7TF

Leeds General Infirmary, Ground Floor, Jubilee Wing, Calverley Street LS1 3EX