Here's some information about PrEP:

Start PrEP at Leeds Sexual Health

If you want to start PrEP or if you take PrEP from another service and would like to transfer to Leeds Sexual Health, please call us on 0113 843 4495. You will be offered an appointment in clinic to discuss this.

Online PrEP Follow up at Leeds Sexual Health

We now have e-consultations for PrEP. This is for current PrEP users from Leeds Sexual Health. It is not for new starters or those transferring to our service.

The e-consultations means you fill in a questionnaire on your phone or computer and send it back to us. We will organise a time for you to have a check up and pick up PrEP. This is not appropriate for everyone and you may want to come in for a clinic appointment anyway.

If you would like to use our PrEP e-consultation please access our SystmConnect page.