Here's some information about Online Contraception:

Please note this service is open to LEEDS residents only

As part of our commitment to digital innovation and service improvement for our patients, we are excited to launch our online contraception offer.

If you are sure of the method you would like, you will now be able to request:

  • Contraceptive Pills (new and repeat)
  • Patched (new and repeat)
  • Vaginal Ring (new and repeat)
  • Sayana Press Injection (repeat only)

You will need to fill in a health questionnaire which will be reviewed by one of the clinical staff who will ensure the method is safe for you. If the form is not completed, we will not be able to proceed. Sometimes we might need to call you for more information, so only submit your information if you are happy to get an unannounced call from an unrecognised number.

If safe we will then prescribe your medication electronically and you can pick this up from your local pharmacy. There is an option for your medication to be posted which is detailed in the form.

If you would like to use our routine contraception e-consultation PLEASE CLICK HERE to access our SystmConnect Page