Support for people who are experiencing problems because of FGM

National Female Genital Mutilation Support Clinics

The clinic is for non-pregnant women and offers a one-stop service for women who have undergone and/or are experiencing problems as a result of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The clinic offers a relaxed and safe environment for you and you can bring your friends or family with you for support.

The clinic offers support for people who have physical and/or psychological health issues as a result of FGM. Our aim is to improve the uptake of emotional support and to ensure that you have the support from another woman (the health advocate) to come forward and have medical examinations that could lead to helpful procedures for you. Clinic days are Tuesdays, every two weeks by appointment only.

What we offer:

  • One to one initial support session
  • Up to six sessions of follow on support
  • Help accessing other services
  • A safe place
  • Confidential environment
  • Trauma based approach
  • Emotional and practical help
  • Advocacy
  • Peer support
  • Support attending appointments and dealing with professionals
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Community engagement to meet survivors and potential victims
  • Cultural awareness
  • Sensitivity
  • Other languages spoken
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Treatment if requested/needed

If you think any girl is at risk contact the NSPCC FGM helpline.
Telephone: 0800 028 3550

Please visit the Touchstone website for more information.