Young People's Mystery Shopping Report 2016

The 2016 Young People’s Sexual Health Services Mystery Shopping exercise was part of a wider piece of work to assess public opinions of sexual health services across the city. The Mystery Shopping element of the project concentrated on young peoples’ views and experiences of services that are specifically targeted at young people. It also assessed whether the services available to all ages are accessible and welcoming to those under 25.

A total of 12 mystery shops and 5 telephone enquiries took place over 14 services in August 2016. The services shopped were located across Leeds and included Leeds Sexual Health clinics, GP surgeries, Enhanced Sexual Health Pharmacies, 3 in 1 sites (C-Card, pregnancy testing and Chlamydia testing) and C-Card pick up sites.

The findings of this exercise and those of the wider project will be used to make improvements to sexual health services in the city and enable areas of good practice to be shared and replicated, ensuring that all services are young people friendly.