Contact details for healthcare professionals


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All patients must either telephone in advance to make an appointment, or be referred by a HCP.

1. Patient self-referral:

o Telephone 0113 3920333 8:10 – 4:30

o Our lines are very busy. Please make patients aware of this. After speaking to the patient, we will triage them to a face-to-face or phone appointment depending what is most appropriate

2. Professional referral or advice:

Telephone Nurse in charge:

07710 027063

0113 3920328

8.30am - 7pm Monday – Thursday

8.30am - 5pm Friday

Please leave a message on the mobile number with your name and direct number if we do not answer (we may be with a patient)


Emails will be checked from 8.30am - 4pm Monday – Friday. If you cannot get through to us on the phone, please email us. We check this daily and will respond within 2 working days.

Please document:

Referrer’s name and contact details

Patient name, DOB, address, phone number (ensure this is correct, preferably a mobile number) and email

Brief summary of the problem

Please ensure patient is aware of any positive test results and advise them to expect telephone contact from us .

Contact for proven sexually transmitted infection positive result

0113 3920325 Health Advisors or email